Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women 1

Dating Older Women 2For a long time, older men have been able to capture the hearts of younger women. This may have been partly evolutionary. Younger women could still bear healthy children while older men had the financial wherewithal to support them.

But, in our affluent society where smaller families are the norm, some younger men have begun dating older women.

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Older women who seek younger men out to date are known as �cougars.� There are some famous Hollywood couples who fit the younger man dating older women pattern. For instance, Demi Moore�s love is Ashton Kutcher. And, Susan Sarandon has been married to Tim Robinson for years.

One reason that many older women prefer younger men is that women peak sexually in their late �30s and into their early �50s. Men, on the other hand, peak in their late teens and early twenties. So, a sexually motivated woman may look to date a younger man whose libido more closely matches her own.

Additionally, younger men are more likely to understand the social needs of an older woman. While older men may be stuck looking at women in more traditional roles, younger men are more open to see a woman�s career strengths and earning power as a plus.

But younger men also have their reasons for dating older women. He gets the excitement of the sexual experience and the sexual self confidence of a woman who knows her way around the bedroom. Such a man will be able to relax knowing he doesn�t have to take the lead all of the time.

He may also get the financial security out of dating older women that younger women get out of dating older men. He can take the time to pursue graduate school, develop his talents as a concert pianist or start his own business secure in the fact that he doesn�t have to be the breadwinner.

This is not to say that the younger man dating an older woman is not without its downsides. Women worry that as they age, they will become less attractive to a younger man.

Another potential sticking point is that after a certain age, a woman can no longer bear children. While she may have children of her own from a previous relationship or not want to have children, a younger man may come to feel that he wants to father children. This is not possible when he is with an older woman whose biological clock has run out.

Older men have long faced the problem of dating women their children�s ages. But now women are facing the same situation. How do grown children feel when mom brings home a young stud their age? It may not be something they have ever considered possible.

While it certainly is still not common for a younger man to be dating older women, it is no longer out of the realm of common occurrence. If you are interested in dating older women, there are web sites which feature personals for cougars.

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