Discover Morocco’s Hidden Gems With These Unique Excursions

Discover Morocco's Hidden Gems With These Unique Excursions 1

The Land of Contrasts

Morocco, the North African country, is known for its geographical diversity, architectural wonders, traditional culture, and most importantly, its hospitality. From soaring mountains to vast deserts, the country is a continuous source of marvel for travelers. Whether you’re an adventurer or a culture enthusiast, Morocco has plenty of diverse excursions that are sure to impress. Here, we present some of the unique excursions that will provide an experience of a lifetime!

The Ancient Marvel: Excursion to Volubilis

Located near Meknes, the ancient city of Volubilis is a testament to the rich history of Morocco. The Roman ruins, dating back to the 3rd century, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and present fascinating insight into the architecture of ancient times. You can visit the ruins and indulge in the surrounding beauty of the sacred city of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun. The city is bustling with life, exotic shops, and stunning white and blue Moroccan architecture that calls for a great photo-op. To improve your understanding of the topic, we suggest exploring this external source. You’ll discover additional details and fresh viewpoints that will enhance your comprehension. Fes to marrakech desert tour, check it out!

Zagora Desert Trek: A Night Under The Stars

In southeastern Morocco, hundreds of kilometers away from the bustling cities, stand the mighty Sahara Desert and Zagora – A hidden desert oasis. The trekking excursion to the Sahara desert is an unforgettable journey that offers mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset. The trip offers a one-night stay in a Berber campsite, where traditional music and dance performances stoke the senses. The traditional Moroccan dinner under the star-filled sky is a highlight of the trip.

Relax in a Hammam: A Moroccan Bath Experience

One of the highlights of traditional Moroccan life is the Hammam, the traditional bathhouses that cater to both sexes. The Hammam offers a relaxing experience that combines the elements of water and heat to undo any tensions or stress. The experience is not only therapeutic but also an excellent way to indulge in Moroccan culture. A variety of Hammam packages are available, including soap massage and hair wash.

Adventure in Cascades D’Ouzoud: Berber Villages, Hiking and Waterfalls

An excursion to the cascades D’Ouzoud in the Atlas Mountains is a stunning way to experience the rural beauty and life of Morocco. The excursion includes a hiking tour through Berber villages and cascading waterfalls; a great experience for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The adjacent Monkey Forest also offers the sight of playful Moroccan Barbary macaques. A traditional Moroccan lunch is served on this excursion, with the stunning backdrop of the cascading waterfalls.

Exploring the Blue Village of Chefchaouen

The city of Chefchaouen is situated in northwest Morocco and is famous for its blue-painted buildings, vivid white rims, and doors. The streets are narrow and quaint, and the passage of time appears to have wandered off into the horizon. A trip to this blue village is like no other. The excursions involve strolling through the narrow alleys, visiting the local shops with handicrafts, and indulging in the traditional cuisine of the region. The highlight of the excursion is watching the sunset, where the blue buildings blend into the golden sky. Visit this external site to learn more about the subject.

The above excursions are just some of the unique experiences that Morocco has to offer. The last tip is to wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera to capture the vibrant beauty of Morocco. The country has all that it takes to make your vacation a memorable and exceptional one.

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